Quality Assurance

A Handels are engineered to allow your boiler to perform as its designers intended. We achieve this by a 4 Step Quality Assurance programme that exceeds the requirements of FSC and ISO.

Steps 1 to 4

We only use F.S.C. sourced feedstock

Quality testing of feedstock prior to release for production e.g. ash content, bulk density, contamination and moisture

In process testing for particle size, moisture and bulk density

Final product testing for

  • Moisture
  • Density
  • Energy Content (G.C.V)
  • Ash Content
  • Fines
  • Durability
  • Length
  • Absorbancy (Pegasus Horse Bedding)

Product Traceability is achieved by our barcoding and testing every 1 tonne bag produced coupled with retaining samples for 9 months as required by ISO. Samples are also regularly sent for independent analysis by our Analytical Partner E.S.G. Ltd, this includes weekly testing of Ash Fusion Temperature.

Ash Fusion Temperature is the key parameter of wood pellets that indicates the propensity of a pellet to generate clinker in your boiler. The general rule of thumb is “the higher the better” and we aim to source feedstock that comfortably exceeds the minimum specified within the EN Pellet Standard (1200 Degree C for EN-A1 and 1100 Degree C for EN-B). The graph below shows Ash Fusion Temperature as reported by our Quality Assurance team.

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