Wood Pellets

Pellets are ENplus A1 certified like all our fuels they are accredited to meet the criteria for Renewable Heat.
48 kW hours per bag
Pallet size available – 10kg bags, packed 96 bags to a pallet – total pallet weight 960 kg’s

Enplus A1 wood pellets are ideal for all domestic and commercial boilers. Pellets are screened upon loading into the bag. ENPlus A1 wood pellets meet strict quality guidelines for use in approved boilers and stoves.

6mm diameter
Less than 10% moisture
Less than 0.7% ash
Less than 1% fines
A minimum of 4800kWh’s per tonne net calorific value

Product comes in a 1tonne bulk bag with 4 corner straps for lifting and release tie underneath for easier delivery into the hopper. Product must be kept in a dry location, away from moisture to maintain the condition of the wood pellets.


Quality wood pellets , 15kg bags and 1150kg bags

Packed into a bag containing 1150kg of biomass wood pellets, this buying option offers real value for money.

The pellets are made from 100% virgin timber, and are sourced from sustainably managed forests. Our wood pellets are of premium quality, offer a high heat, low dust and clinker free burn.
These wood pellets are suitable for use in wood pellet boilers, and wood pellet stoves.

We use pine wood pellets, sourced from the high quality shavings of wood as it processed. We source our shavings from later in the processing chain, once the bark has already been removed.

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