Wood Briquettes

Wooden briquettes are highly recommended because they are far less toxic than most other combustible solid fuels. For starters, the sulfur and ash contents are very low, when compared against fossil fuels and the CO2 emissions are relatively neutral since burning wood emits just as much of carbon dioxide as regular woods use through photosynthesis. Thanks to simple and compact storage, this is actually one of the best all-around fuel choices in the world.

Why should you use briquettes?
Wood briquettes will burn a lot longer than fire wood, release steady heat, and will be cost efficient compared to fuel. This is highly beneficial during the cold season.

Even though some say that it takes longer to light them up, this can also be viewed as a considerable advantage in terms of safety. The price is one more thing that sways customers to switch over from other fuels. Hardwood briquettes are cheap to buy, which means that you can heat your home or cook food for a lot less. Finally, wood briquettes are one of the best choices when you don’t have excess space. They are neatly packed and can be stored in smaller areas like a cupboard or garage.


Briquettes are compressed portions of biomass, in this case, wood, which is combustible and often used as fuel. The term briquette derives from the French language where it means brick. They can be made from all sorts of material, but, peat, charcoal, paper and wooden briquettes are the most common. In the English language, you may also find the terms eco logs or heat logs used to describe them.

This is a very versatile fuel which can be used for both private and commercial heating purposes. High energy storage (up to 5000 kWh of energy stored inside) and reasonable price make briquettes an excellent choice for wood burning stoves, fireplaces, or large or small industrial or home biomass heating boilers.

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