‘The Mix’ is a 50/50 mix of Kiln Dried Oak and Kiln Dried Baltic Birch Mixed Firewood in a Large crate, the two species are mixed throughout the crate offering customers the option of the bright flame of the birch along with the long steady burn time of the oak.

We guarantee average moisture content less than 20%.

External Pallet size approx 115 x 110 x 160cm. Log size approx 25-30cm (10-12 inches). Fits 95% of Wood Burning Stoves.

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We supply klin dried firewood, oak firewood, birch firewood

Seasoned M3 Hardwood Logs dried to a moisture below 20%. The logs can be used an approved wood burning appliances including stoves, pizza ovens, chimineas and other open fires.
The logs can be burnt immediately, will burn at high temperatures with a long and natural flame.

Large Crate Mixed Firewood. This equates to 4 Bulk bags or a loose volume of 2.82 m3

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