A Handels are produced within a manufacturing system that complies with the International Pellet Making Standard ISO177225-2.

All of the wood used in A Handels is from Austria, FSC accredited, sustainable sources.

Pellets are triple sieved to ensure that the pellets within our bags have a very low level of dust. Steam sterilization and particle size analysis ensure the pellets have a high and consistent level of energy output coupled with low levels of dust.


We seek to continuously reduce our costs to give our customers the best value fuel pellet on the market. Whether we are

  • Generating our own electricity
  • Offering recycled wood based options
  • Reducing waste

Our goal is to provide customer value without compromising on quality, service or evironmental standards.


Intervate are continuously looking to improve its products and the way they are delivered to its customers. In this process we are assisted by external partners from both within the industry and externally. Key Partners include

  • CPM BV
  • Stella AG
  • University of Birmingham: Department of Chemical Engineering.
  • AC Systems Limited
  • SGS Limited
  • SOCOTEC UK Limited
  • Kenneth Pye Associates Limited.
  • Start2Finish Technology Limited


The environment we live in shapes both our lives and our business model. Key aspects of our approach include

  • Use of FSC sourced feedstock for our Virgin Wood Products.
  • Introduction of low carbon foot print pellets with an 80% reduction in CO2 produced.
  • Use of a renewable energy fuelled Combined Heat & Power Plant within our manufacturing process.

Intervate are working towards achieving ISO14000 by Q1 2017.

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